Thanks to those of you have been giving me feedback on this development!

This one has a bunch of new free levels, including three free ones. I made these to go with a video that also went live today. They are very helpful in understanding the idea of taking a phrase from a song you know and moving it up and down the scale.  If you watch the video, you’ll notice which levels I’m talking about. 

Level 1.0.6 also has some helpful instruction graphics on Level 1 that I think will help you get started. They tell you to listen to the thing the ear points to (the question tone) and tap the matching circle (the answer tone).  You can still drag the question tone to the matching answer tone, but as you get better at the game, I think you’ll find tapping smoother and more musical.

Other than the usual bug fixes, you’ll also notice some place holder buttons in the settings menu.  I’m working now to implement them for the next update.

Get it here:


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