You can develop your musical ear to a high level using a technique founded on the most up-to-date pedagogy we have! In this video, you’ll learn how to take a simple song that you know really, really well and turn it into an ear training home gym.

You’ll walk through the steps presented in the previous episode (“How to Improve Your Ear Without Reading Music”), apply them to a different familiar tune, and see how to apply the Tone Hole game to refining and strengthening your musical hearing!

A sneak peak into some advanced ear training material waits towards the end of the video. That stuff will be incorporated into Tone Hole in an upcoming release! If there are melodies you would like to learn in solfege that you would like featured in a future video, drop their names and a link to a recording! (Don’t forget to like this one and subscribe to the channel.)

Download Tone Hole for iPhone and iPad

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