You can develop your musical ear to a high level without reading music! In this video, you’ll learn three simple things you can do anywhere at any time to gradually culture your ear so that it can recognize all the notes in the scale. You’ll discover simple techniques for connecting the ear to the mind: singing simple songs in solfege and singing patterns based on those songs up and down through the scale.

If there are melodies you would like to learn in solfege that you would like featured in a future video, drop their names and a link to a recording! (Don’t forget to like this one and subscribe to the channel.) None of this seeks to devalue the importance of becoming musically literate, an endeavor which I have devoted my career to teaching. Quite the contrary, in this video you will learn how improving your ear is profoundly DIFFERENT from learning to read and write music. They are separate kinds of learning and sensing that can help each other, yet at the same time, they operate in different ways.

But ear training is a process of culturing your perception and gluing what you hear to a simple symbol system, and the simplest one I can think of is this: solfege (or solfa or even… sofa!). Seven simple words to unlock your musical ear! It is within you now, so awaken it and thrive!

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