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Tone Hole

The musical tone matching game

Play with your ears

Tone Hole is the new real-time ear training game for iPhone and iPad. It uniquely guides you from matching two tones (do re) all the way to quickly naming notes in the major scale spanning more than an octave.  Before you know what’s happened, you’ll be hearing music more clearly than you ever thought possible.


Trains your ear using the most up-to-date research out of the top music conservatories in the U.S.

Real Time

Other ear training games take the play out of the music, forcing you to grapple with technical words and symbols. Tone Hole emulates real music making by putting you in a real musical situation.

Technical Terms Be Gone!

Get the sound in you before grappling with fancy vocabulary and symbols. Just seven simple words: do, re, mi, fa, so, la, and ti.

Not "Music Theory"

Music hearing. Music knowing. Music feeling. Music joy.

Rhythm Counts

Play it slow and steady or fast and wild. Either way, you'll be rewarded as your fluency increases.

Flows Like Music

Game play closely mimics the experience of playing by ear! Enjoy every step.

Take a Lesson

I am now accepting students who are looking to improve their ear and their musical imaginations. Online lessons incorporate ear training with developing your personal

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Tone Hole v. 1.0.5 is available! just released version 1.0.5 of Tone Hole. What’s new: Fixed a bug: Now if you purchase all the levels in major keys, the game

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