What’s inside Tone Hole? (pedagogy + fun) (How to Tone Hole ep. 3)

What's inside Tone Hole? pedagogy plus fun.

https://youtu.be/-nSTm5UML3I What makes Tone Hole an effective way to train your ear? It comes down to a combination of my personal experience teaching learners of many ages in different styles. Tone Hole captures many of my teaching approaches and brings them to you in a form you can carry with you wherever you go, at […]

How to Improve Your Musical Ear in Three Synergistic Ways. (How to Tone Hole ep. 2)

Lightning Ears!

https://youtu.be/xE59e4D3YGM In this video, you’ll learn how to improve three aspects of your musical ear: your sense of tone, your automaticity, and your steady rhythm. Put them together and play until your ears are elevated into the sky, where the lightning strikes! Get the game for iPhone & iPad: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tone-ho… web site: https://listenupgames.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/listenupgames/ […]