How To Avoid One of The Most Common Ear Training Mistakes (How to Tone Hole Ep. 13) Many music students make the same mistake: they confuse the first three notes of the scale (do-re-mi) with the notes of the first CHORD of the scale (do-mi-so). In this video, take away three simple exercises and some strategies for overcoming this common pitfall and solidifying the foundations of an unshakeable ear.  

How to Easily Hear Melodies Made of Steps (How to Tone Hole Ep. 12) Learn how to instantly hear and understand melodies that move up and down by step, so called “conjunct motion” or “step-wise motion”. Almost all melodies you’re going to encounter consist of a large proportion of step-wise motion, and being able to track the simple ups and downs is a key skill in ear training. […]

How to Find “do” in Music (How to Tone Hole ep. 11) Part Three of a Series: Four progressive exercises to solidify your ability to hear “do” in any musical situation. Your ability to hear all the tones in the major scale hangs on your ability to hear and then identify the sound of “do”: the “one”, the “tonic”, the “sun” in the musical solar system. […]

How to Find “do” in Music (How to Tone Hole ep. 9) Learn how to find the main note in any piece of music using these easy, medium, and hard techniques… some played inside Tone Hole (the musical tone matching game) and some practiced outside in the real world! Hear how half-steps and whole-steps combine to give you the feeling of “do”!

How to Train to Win at Ear Training Games (How to Tone Hole ep. 8) Learn how to practice conjuring tones out of your imagination in the latest update of Tone Hole (v. 1.0.7) by practicing singing within “training mode”. This is a way of using the Tone Hole game to prompt you to sing notes connected to your current game level to solidfy the connection between your musical […]

How to Train Your Ear Before Learning Music Theory (How to Tone Hole ep. 7) What is the difference between ear training and music theory? How can you train your ear without learning music theory and why would you even want to? In this video, learn about “sound before symbol” and how to integrate solfege singing into music theory concepts. Play Tone Hole: Download Tone Hole for iPhone […]

How To Train Your Ear Using Melodies You Know (How to Tone Hole ep. 5) You can develop your musical ear to a high level using a technique founded on the most up-to-date pedagogy we have! In this video, you’ll learn how to take a simple song that you know really, really well and turn it into an ear training home gym. You’ll walk through the steps presented in […]

How to Improve Your Ear Without Reading Music (How to Tone Hole ep. 4)

improve your ear without reading music You can develop your musical ear to a high level without reading music! In this video, you’ll learn three simple things you can do anywhere at any time to gradually culture your ear so that it can recognize all the notes in the scale. You’ll discover simple techniques for connecting the ear to the […]