I am now accepting students who are looking to improve their ear and their musical imaginations.

Online lessons incorporate ear training with developing your personal style in improvisation, composition, and song writing. As with all my work, I always infuse a spirit of play into every challenge I offer private students.

Beginning with and honoring exactly where you are in the moment, we develop a repertoire of music you really care about… some of it from music you listen to, and some of it you create yourself.

Here are the things you can learn in lessons with me:

Creative Process: Ways of making that applies to all your endeavors and is grounded in music

Ear Training: Custom exercises and assignments so you can tune in more easily to music you love

Improvisation: Opening yourself to the moment and the music that wants to flow through you.

Composition and Music Theory: A student-centered approach to understanding the materials of music. (Chords, Scales, Progressions, etc.)

Initial preview lessons is FREE. Call 207-776-9663 or email me: info@listenupgames.com