How to Train Your Ear Without Brute Force Intervals

You might think that the only way to practice ear training is by drilling intervals, otherwise known as “brute force isolated intervals”. While drilling intervals is good to a point, it has some serious setbacks including… There’s more to ear training than naming intervals and chords Ear training should not be brute force isolated intervals. […]

How To Practice Pre-Hearing

What Is Pre-Hearing? Pre-hearing simply means imagining what you are going to play before you play it. Many musicians rely on motor memory or physical habits to play their music. Music gets easier the more it originates in your imagination, so make pre-hearing part of your routine. Here’s a simple exercise: I know this seems very simple, […]

Tips to Help You Play by Ear Better With Moveable do Solfège part 2 of 3

In the previous article, we talked about the power of prehearing and the importance of finding do when you are playing a song by ear. Now, let’s continue this play-by-ear recipe with removing the rest of the lyrics from the song “Happy Birthday to You”. Sing The Song on A Neutral Syllable This part is […]

Tips to Help You Play by Ear Better With Moveable do Solfège part 1 of 3

Here are some tips to help you play by ear better using “moveable do” solfège. These are not quick fixes or easy answers. In fact they’re really not tips at. Together they form a recipe which you can learn all at once or in parts. It takes focus, time, consistency, reinforcement, and practice to improve. […]

A Simple Ear Training Exercise for Advanced Ears

First, find a comfortable note in the middle of your vocal range In this ear training process, we use our voice to refine our ability to identify chords by ear. Start by finding a note that’s in the middle of your vocal range. It should be a comfortable note for you to sing. If you […]

How to Identify Major Chords Given Only One Note

Can you identify the root and quality of a chord given just one note? It’s an advanced skill, and there is a clear path to mastering it: THE GIST OF IT Here’s how you can identify any major chord given only one note. Imagine a chord playing and you are now able to isolate the […]

The Power of Guided Imagining

If you’re interested in doing something different (with your ears), check out my new little track to help you cultivate your musical imagination. It’s a guided ⁠listening and I say very little and I play⁠ even less, giving you lots of quiet space to imagine sound. ⁠ ⁠ So check out the link and give […]

How to Hear the Four Qualities of Triads

You can get the music theory behind the four qualities of triads elsewhere, and that’s really important. However, we like to stay grounded in the sound of these things. Here are four little melodies to help you remember the sounds of these triads. First off: What’s a triad? Well, for now a triad is a […]